The Theme of the Program

The theme of the program is to work out a conceptual plan for the construction of a University Park in Hainan Island in south China. The University Park will be shared by five top tier Chinese universities with their branch campuses. It includes China Agricultural University, Ocean University of China, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the Wuhan University of Technology. The basic considerations of university park are as follows.

(1) Shared Campus

The five universities will share common education facilities such as the library, classroom building, dining hall, gymnasium and sports fields, concert hall, etc. with each other in this university park. Each university will also has its independent administration buildings, laboratory buildings, and college buildings there. For the convenience of information access, the design work is recommended to focus on the common facilities shared by five universities and the campus for China Agricultural University.

(2) Chinese International Campus

Planned as a future leading education organization in China’s Free Trade Zone, the university park is expected to be multi-cultural. On the one hand, it shows the openness of local education to the global community. On the other hand, it inherits the tradition of Chinese culture that inspired the country to made successful developments.

(3) Eco-friendly Campus

The campus design is supposed to integrate with Eco-friendly concepts, which include but are not limited to (a) energy efficiencies, such as daylight, solar energy, cooling system, and ventilation; (b) sustainable building materials, such as recycled or second hand materials, such as reclaimed lumber, stone and recycled copper; (c) new materials that can be rapidly replenished, such as bamboo, sorghum or wheat straw and so on; (d) Waste management, such as on-site waste management, which incorporates things such as greywater systems for use on garden beds, and composting toilets to reduce sewage, and on-site food waste composting and off-site recycling.

(4) Agriculture Campus

The campus designed for China Agricultural University needs to take advantage of the tropical climate for campus greening with agriculture subject specialties. It calls for the aesthetic use of agriculture plants for meeting the needs of student experimental study, scientific research, and campus greening. Agriculture and food tools, machinery, and products are also encouraged for campus beautification.