The Requirement of the Planning and Design Work

The program will consist of the “1+X” initiatives, with the “1” referring to the overall conceptual plan of the campus, and the “X” referring to the special planning and detailed design for one or several themes to support the overall plan of the campus.

(1) Overall Conceptual Plan of the Campus

To plan and design an international campus which is in harmony with the surrounding ecological environment and supported by high quality shared service facilities.

Each team should submit the following contents: site location chart, site status analysis chart, conceptual planning general plan, planning structure analysis chart, aerial view, perspective rendering of the important nodes, other necessary drawings, and text descriptions.

(2) Specific Design for One or Several Theme to Support the Overall Plan of the Campus

Choose one or more themes which could support to strengthen the overall conceptual plan (e.g., water circulation system, green space system, core space of the campus, etc.), and carry out further detailed design or planning.

Each team submits the following contents: the site status analysis chart, planning analysis chart, planning schematic chart and other necessary drawings and text descriptions related to the special planning and location of design site (location in the general conceptual planning plan), site status analysis chart, plan, aerial view, perspective rendering and other necessary drawings and text descriptions related to the detailed design.