Group 8 - RECIRCL.

Brief Description

Embracing the value on circularity and sustainability, our team has developed the theme of RECIRCL. into five “X themes” for the campus design: self-sufficient water system, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, shared spaces and the re-use of building materials. The RECIRCL. philosophy seeks to research, act and impact on the three axes of sustainability in our campus at the social, economic and environmental level. The social level focuses on the activation of shared public spaces and interactions. The economic level illustrates the profitability in the reuse of old materials as well as the implementation of circular agriculture and sustainable energy. The environmental level demonstrates the application of sustainable energy and water management in the structures and functions that facilitate different uses and activities with a systematic approach.

Inspired by the Salt Water Song of the Dan family, our design concept focuses on the circularity of spaces, functions and flows. The circular rhythm symbolizes that the campus life can be weaved through different hubs representing the intermissions in the melody. The concept of hubs is to facilitate creativity and collaboration in physical, social and digital spaces. It attracts diverse users with multi-functional spaces and interactions. For hubs, locational, functional and architectural design is oriented to facilitate the social, environmental and educational aspects of campus life with cost-effectiveness. The central hub which serves for recreational and educational activities is surrounded by a canal that connects to the river and sea. We would like to highlight how the water and marine culture is deeply rooted in this area, which also responds to the Salt Water Song.

Team Members


Prof. Yuting Tai (WUR)

Team Members:

  1. Chen Shanman (CAU)
  2. Floor Boonstra (WUR)
  3. Joao Oliveira (USP)
  4. Ji Ruxin (HNU)
  5. Lyuxiao Liu (CORNELL)
  6. Shassy Cahyani (WUR)
  7. Zhang Conghui (HNU)

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