Group 7 - Global-Local Future

Brief Description

A campus that is an important node in the global network - with distinct Hainan characteristics & ready for both the local and global (environmental) challenges of the future. This is translated into a galaxy shape as the core of the design, which represents infinite time and space, matching superbly with our concept of linking the past and future. The core of the galaxy is a big park with facilities shared by all five campuses. From here, galaxy-lines extend as corridors into the areas of the 5 university campuses, linking past-centered design in the north and futuristic infrastructures towards the ocean in the south. All five universities have their own research & lecture facilities, parks at their cores and common areas. Besides, there are extensive agricultural grounds where CAU together with WHUT & SJTU can experiment with the latest technologies on agriculture. OUC and the tech universities have an offshore platform & harbour to their disposal for marine laboratories. Each campus also has its own dormitory area, that includes dining and sports facilities. These areas are close to the universities but divided by greenery. Mangroves protect the coastline. The X’s – the central park, waterfront area, ocean platform, library buildings with local characteristics, cutting-edge agricultural research facilities - all represent one or more of our focal points. With our design, the University Park in Yazhou, Sanya is going to be a well-functioning shared campus with conventional local wisdom, sustainability at its core, leading international technology and fantastically futuristic designs.

Team Members


Prof. Huaiyue Liang (HNU)

Team Members:

  1. Akshai Wilkinson (CORNELL)
  2. Huang Zile (CAU)
  3. Mirjam Hemmen (WUR)
  4. Milena Acciari (USP)
  5. Zhao Xiaotong (HNU)
  6. Zhuoming Li (UCD)

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Group 7
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