Group 3 - Community

Brief Description

The design focus on the concept “Community”. “Community” is a broad concept supported by affective, emotional and traditional foundations. The most important factor of the project is the identification of place and it’s members as a community. The main objective is to develop a space that awakens the feeling of community, awakening a culture of unity. The plan includes the current traditional community already present on site by preserving, historical buildings, places of worship, and the ancient trees where people would gather.

Team Members


Prof. Yijia Wang (CAU)

Team Members:

  1. Elen Perez (USP)
  2. Jessica Fahmy (UCD)
  3. Jiang Dawei (CAU)
  4. Rio Alfajri (WUR)
  5. Songyi Zheng (CORNELL)
  6. Wang Chenhui (HNU)

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Group Photo
Group 3
Award: Second Prize