Group 2 - General Campus Design

Brief Description

Our proposed campus focuses on the overall concept of "Infinity: a self-contained campus lab", which conglomerates many ideas humankind is thriving to develop for the 21st century. Features such as science, technology and renewable resources are the main aspects concerning the campus. To increase the utilization rate of natural and social resources, our group generated scientific spatial layouts for the following subthemes: ecology, economy, people, culture, and scientific research. The purpose of this plan is not only to use the campus, but also to explore how campus planning should conform to the development trend of the times through such experiments.We want to convey the new concept of campus planning to you through the theme of "Infinity: a self-contained campus lab". This campus is an all-round, multi-kinetic and sustainable campus, which meets the needs of future social development. We aim on building an everlasting campus that is a reference for the whole world on how shared ideas shall be applied to those who are building the future with science.

Team Members


Prof.Rebecca Nelson (CORNELL )

Team Members:

  1. Cui Yongqin (HNU)
  2. Danielle Street (CORNELL)
  3. David Mornout (WUR)
  4. Feng Yuan (UCD)
  5. Joao Camargo (USP)
  6. Ma Weizhe (CAU)

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Group 2
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