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Progress Report and Performance Assessment Submission Announcement


1.       Report Guide and Submission Dates



Report Nam Deadline
Progress Report 1 January 6, 2020
Progress Report 2 January 20,2020
Progress Report 3 February 3,2020
Progress Report 4 February 17,2020
Progress Report 5 March 2,2020
Progress Report 6 March 16,2020


(2)      Only the team leader can submit your team progress report by following the deadlines.


(3)      The supervisor should submit performance assessment on every progress report by following the deadlines.


(4)      The first progress report should be submitted by January 5, 2020, 23:59 pm (Beijing Local Time), and should include but not be limited to overall work schedule, how to organize team discussion, record of personal design work, next-step plans, etc.


(5)      The following progress reports should include but not be limited to records of team discussion and personal design work, charts, drawings, text descriptions, any adjustment of the previous overall schedule and next-step plants, etc.


(6)      The progress reports account for 40% in the final evaluation of the Mid-term report.


(7)      Poor Individual performance will be reported by the team leader, associate team leader and the Supervisor to the Contact of the Operation Committee, zxl@cau.edu.cn. It will result in termination from further participation with the approval of the Program Steering Committee.


1.       Website Guide and Method of Submission

(1)      Visit the program website: http://www.agrifood5.net/


(2)      Click the image of “A5 Student Challenge Program”.



(3)       Find the title of “Submission of Work” and click your team number.


(4)      Log ID and Password


l  All the accounts first time login password is 123456, you may change your password and nickname in the account management tab.


l  If you are a supervisor, your login ID is your Last name + team number. Example: Xi1, Nelson2, Wang3, Marin4, Patuano5, Romanelli6, Liang7, Tai8, Kiers9, Glass10.


l  If you are a team leader, your login ID is TeamLeader+your team number, example: TeamLeader1, TeamLeader2. You need to change your nickname to Your name + team number when you first time log in your account.


l  If you are a team member, each group has 5 team member accounts, they are theTeam+number+A/B/C/D/E, example: Team1 has a team leader account (TeamLeader1) and five teammate accounts: Team1A, Team1B, Team1C, Team1D, Team1E. Each team member will pick one account, and you may change your nickname in the account management tab later.