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Program Rules (Part II)


Progress Assessment of Each Team


1.   Every student should be actively and fully committed to the Program and the Design work, and a minimum of 4 hours should be spent on the Design work every week. Each Supervisor needs to interact and mentor the students throughout the Process.


2.   To ensure the quality and progress of the Design work:

(1) Program Operation Committee: composed of the Administrative Coordinator of the Program from each A5 Member.

Chair: BI Leilei, CAU

Contact: Zheng Xiaolin, CAU

Members: Mirjam Troost, Wu

             Renee Hoffman, Cornell

             Susy Ramos, USP

             Chelo (Rachel) V Abrenilla, UCD

(2) The Supervisor and the team will elect 1 team leader and 1 associate team leader.

(3) The Judging Panel will be set up through the Program Steering Committee


3.       Each team will be assigned an account number to submit the Progress Report through A5 Website. The Progress Report should be submitted before 12 pm (Beijing Local Time) of January 6, January 20, February 3, February 17, March 2 and March 16. After the deadline, the web-link for submission will be closed. The Supervisor will give performance assessment on every progress report and submit it through the A5 Website and to the Contact of Operation Committee.


4.  The first Progress Report should include but not be limited to overall schedule, how to organize team discussion, record of personal design work, next-step plans, etc. The following Progress Report should include but not be limited to records of team discussion and personal design work, charts, drawings, text descriptions, any adjustment of the previous overall schedule and next-step plants, etc. The quality of progress reports account for 40% in the final evaluation of the Mid-term report.


5.  Poor Individual performance will be reported by the team leader, associate team leader and the Supervisor to the Contact of the Operation Committee. It will result in termination from further participation with the approval of the Program Steering Committee.