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A5 Student Challenge Program First Program Meeting Schedule

December 17th   Registration

All-Day: Arrival, Airport Pickup, Registration, Documents collection and Hotel check-in

Location: Hotel Lobby, the First Floor, No.2 Building


Buffet lunch (Hotel Restaurant, the Second Floor, No.2 Building)


Buffet dinner (Ditto)

Students will be able to communicate freely. Snacks will be provided to

participants who are arriving after this time slot.


Informal meeting among supervisors

7 supervisors in total, organized by LI Xianfeng, chaired by BI Leilei

Location: Room 305, No.1 Building

December 18th

Kick-off Event, Team Formation and On-site Investigation

Participants are required to wear the A5 Challenge Program T-shirt on this day.


Breakfast meeting among supervisors and coordinators

20 people in total, organized by LI Xianfeng, chaired by Paul and BI Leilei

Location: Room V2+V3, the Second Floor, No. 2 Building


Team formation

Chaired by SU Hetong and Mirjam Troost

Location: The First floor, No.1 Building


Taking group photos

The leaders and participating teachers and students take group photos.

Location: The square in front of No.1 Building


Students follow instructions to the meeting venue on the Third Floor; leaders remain at the square then enter the meeting venue after students taking their seats.


Kick-off event

Chaired by FENG Weizhe, Director of CAU International Office

Room 301, No.1 Building.

1. Videos being played

2. Welcome speech by leadership of the Education Department of Hainan


3. Welcome speech by Chair of CAU Council JIANG Peimin

4. Speech by leadership of The People’s Government of Sanya City

5. Speech by leadership of Hainan University

6. Chair of CAU Council JIANG Peimin declaring the start of the Challenge Program; all leaderships attend the launching ceremony on stage.


Tea Break


Introduction to the Challenge Program, Chaired by TANG Ying

1. Ms. BI Leilei and Mr.Paul introducing the concept and overall arrangement of Challenge Program, participation of each university and the schedule

2. Ms. Rebecca and Mr. LI Xianfeng introducing the contents of the Challenge Program, mid-period assessment criteria, the A5 website and requirements for the program work

3. Ms. WANG Yijia introducing the information of local sites, key points of field investigation, and requirements of research report.

4. BI Leilei, Paul, Rebecca, LI Xianfeng and WANG Yijia will be there for

the Q&A section.


Participants go back to rooms and prepare for afternoon investigation and

team building.


Buffet lunch


On-Site investigation


Team building on beach. Location: Curio Collection by Hilton


Buffet dinner


Team discussion on investigation tasks. Supervisors observing the whole process. (The Fourth Floor, No.1 building)

December 19th
Local Field Investigation, Completing and Presenting Design Tasks, Identifying Supervisors

Participants are required to wear the A5 Challenge Program T-shirt on this day.


Field Investigation in Baoping Village and Ancient Yazhou City


Buffet Lunch


1. Discussing and completing the design task. Supervisors observing the

whole process. The Fourth Floor, No. 1 Building.

2. Self-organized visiting to Exhibition Center of Sanya Yazhou Bay

Sci-Tech City Plan. The Ninth Floor, No. 1 Building.

3. Submitting Field Investigation Application Form.


Buffet dinner


Each team giving a presentation of the design task; Supervisor for each team

being identified. Q&A.

Allowance for lunch and dinner on December 20th will be given.

Room 301, No.1 Building.

Chaired by SU Hetong and Mirjam Troost.


December 20th
Field Investigation led by Supervisors; Summary and Report


Field investigation led by supervisors. All teams arrange the lunch by

themselves. All teams will have access to the Fourth Floor in No.1



Study tour to Sanya Haitang Bay


Leaving for Seafood Market.


Dinner at Sanya (huochetou) Seafood Market


Back to hotel


Summing-up party chaired by FENG Weizhe and Paul. Representatives

of each university talk about expectations, feelings and future imaginations.

Room 301, No.1 Building.


All teams will have access to the Fourth Floor in No.1 Building.


December 21st (Saturday)   Departure


Airport drop-off will be arranged.