ESALQ Receives Foreign Students for Summer Course on Tropical Agriculture


The Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (Esalq/USP) holds a special program, the 4th Summer School in Tropical Bio-based Production Systems, from July 15 to 26, 2019. Within two weeks, Brazilian students will be together with scholars from USA, China, Denmark, Netherlands, and Norway for a full immersion course including practical and theoretical classes, in addition to technical visits and cultural interaction.

During the opening of the deliberations, the Esalq Vice Dean, Professor João Roberto Spotti Lopes, has talked about the importance of initiative and interaction between students from different nationalities.

“The Esalq has an international importance, it is easily reckoned and this course appeals to students from many parts of the world, as tropical agriculture is an important and increasing subject due to the increase of food demand in the world”.

The President of the Esalq International Relations Committee, Professor Helaine Carrer, foresees two activity weeks that will enrich the education of these students. “This is an opportunity offered by Esalq to the students, to attend to a course offering an overview on tropical agriculture, which is different from other countries. In addition to be a great moment for our students to integrate this foreign community, as in this year we have students from many parts of the world. These two weeks will be really fruitful”.

Among the subjects to be approached, there are science and technology in production of sugar-cane brandy, application of essential oils in animal nutrition, forest conservation, sugar-cane sustainable production, precision farming, animal well-being, cocoa production, integrated pest management, diversity of microorganisms and milking heifer raise. The program also offers visiting to a brewery, a farm for silage production, to an ethanol producing facility, to a flower and ornamental plants producing facility and, in the end, a producing center of agriculture machines.